Grenfell Towers

Grenfell Towers

Idea for the remains of Grenfell Towers, this idea would be a living reminder memorial with positive benefits for the community.

If the infrastructure was turned into the UK’s first vertical garden with the ground floor retain for a museum memorial and a produce market.

Providing 24 floors of the most fitting use of this building ever!

The top floor roofed with solar panels with greenhouse nursery growing underneath. If we could construct 2 duct shaft providing natural light throughout the building producing some of the light required. All window surrounding the tower, could have the new solar window generating substantial night lighting for hydro growing.

6 flaws of hydro production.

1 floor with poultry and egg production
2 floors with mushroom production
3 floor of fish production with filtered growing supported with hydro growing for peppers and tomatoes.

2 floors wheat shoots for fresh animal feed watered by the aquaponic system

 4 Floors of offices & workers accommodation blocks.

Ground floor restaurants celebrating diverse food culture from the original inhabitants.
Granville community supermarket.

Memorial art and community culture Centre.

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