Genesis Radio Birmingham Project Grant to enable

Project: I will be working on the project grant to enable inclusive participation for new cultural audience development. The Genesis radio online digital platform will deliver a unique learning opportunity to those with multi disabilities and sight impairment who are interested in the creative industry.

Local independent radio is important in attracting new audiences and this project’s main objective is to make sure it is inclusive and accessible to all; this includes talented broadcasters. My own visual impairment has never stopped me from communicating effectively in a high-pressured environment, that’s why I am passionate about this long overdue media project. I want to inspire confidence within the participants by encouraging high expectations within themselves in order to reach their full potential. The vision is to enable artists/ participants to create music and radio drama; telling inspiring stories on Genesis Radio Birmingham through facilitating creating script writing, music, radio drama and creating on line radio exhibition drama, plays and storytelling of different art forms.

One in 5 people in the UK have a disability yet are not properly represented in the media, we want to change this inequality by giving them a chance to be on air because of who they are. Through the project grant I will create The genesis radio  online digital platform specially  designed for those with multi disabilities and sight impairment  to access radio plays, music and artist showcases.

Please see info About Chicken George:

LEGENDARY BROADCASTER Chicken George has been entertaining listeners for almost half a century across a range of radio stations from London to Birmingham.

Despite losing his sight as a young boy, George has remained an inspiration on the airwaves for the past 45 years. And as a thank you the community came together to pay their respects to their very own ‘superhero.’

The popular presenter found himself in the limelight at a special tribute evening hosted by Dr Martin Glynn where people got to know the man behind the much-loved voice.

George’s broadcasting career began as a sports-mad 13-year-old when he was asked to help out as a DJ at a Pontins holiday camp, where he divided his time between broadcasting and playing in a band.

London-born George went on to work with Capital and BBC Radio London before moving to Birmingham where he was part of the pioneering PCRL – People’s Community Radio Link.

He went on to become the first voice heard on NewStyle Radio when it was launched in 2005, Birmingham’s first and only African Caribbean radio station.

Twenty years ago he established his third radio station, Genesis Radio Birmingham.

Genesis Radio Birmingham

Interested? in adding Chicken George & Genesis Radio Birmingham Team, Live broadcasting, to the Birmingham community to Country Food & Drink Festivals, Events, Or Shopping Centers.

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